When I first entered the design field, I began at Microsoft in the user interface and experience world. After starting in production, I moved on to an envisioning team, and then digital product design.

After some time, I returned to my interest in fashion and took a role at Nordstrom on the Digital Custom Content team. I worked on numerous division-spanning projects alongside digital editors to provide complementary design for their content. We worked on a wide array of diverse projects such as design campaigns, fashion week, charity news, blogs and everything in between—operating as a small agency within the company.

In 2013, Olivia Kim joined Nordstrom and our team took on all of her creative needs. I generated content, photographed products, and designed site experiences and corresponding assets to build her brand within Nordstrom.

Our team then became Creative Projects and later Creative Campaigns, where, for the next five years, I designed new shop concepts based on Olivia's vision, art directed photo shoots to support our concepts, helped launch Space (a shop for new and emerging designers), plus working on additional divisional creative campaigns when needed.

In 2018, I began working with the beauty division to create site content. By that fall, I was working in conjunction with the digital beauty editor to plan creative concepts to be executed in the following quarter. By working alongside the editor, the photo art director, and the in-store visual team, we strove to elevate and evolve the holistic vision of beauty. We focused on pushing growth, evolving creative, and a wider audience while meeting and aligning with the goals provided by our business partners.


I like to dream big. I find inspiration in everything. I am driven by function and planning to achieve efficiency and results. Utilizing market research and business trends, I design with the intent of improving results and sales, reaching and connecting to a wider audience, and elevating execution to a world-class standard.


I’m an innovative Seattle-based art director and graphic designer with a background in creative direction, strategy, UI/UX and print production. My experience encompasses the entire lifecycle of a project—from brainstorming through planning and on to execution across all consumer touchpoints—directing branded concepts that yield results.